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Created by Dr. Tamecca Rogers

Ameka and Her Magical Crown

"Ameka and Her Magical Crown" offers an enchanting viewing experience suitable for cowatching with families of all ages. Its inclusive storyline and diverse characters ensure that everyone can relate to Ameka and her journey. By portraying hair as her magical crown, the show not only celebrates diversity but also emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and cultural pride. Through Ameka's adventures, viewers are inspired to embrace their natural selves and celebrate their individuality. This message is particularly crucial for our youth, as it encourages them to love and appreciate their uniqueness while fostering empathy and understanding for others. By promoting inclusivity and empowerment, "Ameka and Her Magical Crown" makes a significant impact on the community by nurturing a generation of confident, compassionate individuals who value diversity and acceptance.

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Crowning Achievements

Ameka's newsletter, "Crowning Achievements," is a magical journey into the vibrant world of "Ameka and Her Magical Crown." Bursting with exciting updates, exclusive sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes magic, this newsletter is a treasure trove for kids, parents, and teachers alike. Imagine receiving enchanted messages straight from Ameka herself, filled with tales of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery. From fun activities and interactive games for kids to insightful articles and discussion guides for parents and teachers, there's something for everyone in Ameka's newsletter. Join the adventure today and be part of the enchantment that is "Ameka and Her Magical Crown"! Click the below mail icon to unlock the magic and stay connected with Ameka's world.




Ameka's Books

"Ameka and Her Magical Crown: Coloring Book of Affirmations" is a delightful journey into the world of positivity and self-discovery. Filled with enchanting illustrations inspired by Ameka's adventures, this coloring book encourages children to explore their creativity while reinforcing empowering affirmations. Each page is a canvas for young artists to express themselves and affirm their worth, fostering a sense of confidence and self-love.


For teens and young adults, "Hey Sis: Goal-Getter Journal" is a must-have tool for turning dreams into reality. With its vibrant design and interactive prompts, this journal empowers readers to set and achieve their goals with intention and determination. From dream mapping to weekly reflections, "Hey Sis" provides a roadmap for success while promoting self-reflection and personal growth. Whether used individually or shared with friends, this journal is a valuable companion on the journey to becoming the best version of oneself.


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